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I'm doing my first ever Jiu Jitsu class at St Marys BJJ

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In this scenario you have already reached out to us to set a date to try out our Intro to BJJ program. If you sign up we include the gi (uniform) with sign up, if you haven't quite yet then you can borrow one of our loaner gis or wear athletics gear for the class. 


If you did sign up and receive a gi make sure you bring an extra t-shirt to wear under your gi. Compression shirts and t-shirts work best. We have areas to change in privacy at our location. 


Jiu jitsu is a physical combat sport and you will sweat, so you will want to take a shower after class. If you remember it can be helpful to bring a water-tight bag for your sweaty clothes, so you can carry them out in your bag, without making it yucky. 

Bring plenty of water in a reusable bottle, we also have a refill station if you run out. 


Optional: Flip flops for easy access getting on and off the mats. 


Hygiene info:

Please trim your nails short and be clean before class— we are in close contact with one another and hygiene is a priority for everyone at St Marys BJJ. 

You NEED to wash your gi after every class, hang it up to dry or dry it in a dryer on low so it doesn’t shrink too much.


Tips for the class:

  • Please cut yourself some slack. If it is something completely new to you please don't expect to be a super star right away. You will become one on the mat if you keep training.
  • Try to pull at least one thing from each class. Your first class will be a lot of information. Focus on keeping one piece of information.
  • Notes after class help with retention of information.
  • Be prepared to work muscles you didn't know you had. Jiu Jitsu finds a way to use the smallest and most obscure muscles. You will be sore the next day, make sure you are hydrating.
  • Lastly, don't be afraid to ask the instructor questions. Thats what we are there for and we love an interactive class and students who are interested in improving.


Notes on the Intro to BJJ Program:

  • This is a 6 week rotating curriculum. Each week focuses on a different position or aspect of Jiu Jitsu.
  • There is absolutely ZERO live training in this class. It is meant for day one beginners to be able to comfortably train. You will see higher belts who train in this class, and they do so to sharpen their already developed skills.
  • You are welcome to other classes while taking this class. We do advise if you have never trained before to stay in this class and open mats a bit. BUT we understand some want to push themselves and we don't stop you from doing so


Thank you for taking interest in our program, we look forward to helping you reach your goals here at St Marys BJJ. If you live in St Marys County and are looking for a martial arts program to help you reduce stress, get in shape, or just make new friends we can help you!


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