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100 reps

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Malcom Gladwell popularized 10000 hour rule when it comes to expertise in a field. It was in his book Outliers where he used Anders Ericksons research to tell intriguing stories on success.

It was later realized 10,000 hours were just a common denominator for some of the worlds best athletes, musicians, and other performers.

Often times when reading books like this we forget what even the smallest action can do for us and our success.

On the mats a good goal to shoot for is 100 reps in a technique. This is a starting point in competence. We have to become competent in a technique before we can become good, or great in it.

As always... No Mindless Reps. Each rep you should be trying to tweak it/ improve it. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Gain a deeper understanding of the move as you get your reps. By the time you hit 100 reps you should be well on your way to competency.

This post is mostly for new grapplers but can be applied to experienced grapplers trying to learn brand new techniques to them. For instance, I'm a black belt and will be shooting for 100 good reps on heel hooks from the saddle/411 position, this month.

Trust in Hard Work.

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